…eine begehbare Skulptur, die Kunst und Wildbienen-Quartiere friedlich vereint

23 hours ago
The climate is changing & Sept will likely be the warmest on record here in UK. Could warm climate migrant species like the Hummingbird Hawkmoth soon become resident?
I'll be telling their story this Sunday on @TobyBuckland 's fab show for #gardening @BBCDevon 10 - 2pm #climate https://t.co/FNnIfNpcV3
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23 hours ago
Hi #WildlifeGardening twitter peeps. I'm scoping for a gardening assistant to help out 1 day a week in a dedicated wildlife garden in Bishop's Stortford, Herts. If ponds, meadows, reptiles, pollinators & wildflowers are your thing get in touch! Experience preferred. Please RT. https://t.co/U1c0TuG3zD art4bees photo
1 day ago
Incredible 100k people on the streets in Berlin today! I’m lost for words. Power to the people. #UprootheSystem https://t.co/LbOGrUEQRL art4bees photo